Self Glazed Zirconia

To meet the metal-free demands in restorative dentistry zirconia ceramic parts are increasingly used today for preparing crowns, bridges, abutments and implants. 

Self-Glazed Zirconia, a dreamed family of ceramic prostheses finally solved most of the problems!!

The development of a new grade of zirconia, named as Self-Glazed Zirconia, will be discussed in my courses. Examples will be given to illustrate the critical role of the use of full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges in implementing a full digital workflow. To be shared is also a feasible digital workflow for promoting the clinical applications of customized abutments made partially or fully of zirconia ceramics. 

The emerging of the full zirconia solution will also be discussed, to reveal how those important issues concerning the dimensional tolerance, bio-, mechanical and aesthetic properties can be integrated into one single ceramic material with tailor-made hierarchical structures, particularly the surface topographic features in multiple scales of nano- and micrometers.

What is Self-Glazed Zirconia?

Self-glazed zirconia crowns represent a new category of monolithic ceramic restorations with functionally tailored hierarchical structures exhibiting superior smoothness on occlusal surface formed spontaneously during the net-shape manufacturing process that imitates the function and optical appearances of the natural tooth enamel. Your benefits:

  • More efficient workflow, less intraoral adjusting, saving chair time;
  • More reliable prostheses, no porcelain chipping, no fracturing, reducing the wear of the antagonist tooth
  • Improved patient satisfaction, minimum invasive tooth preparation, preview the final outcome, less visits
  • Three ways to place an order:
  • Sending gypsum models
  • Sending intraoral scanned data
  • Sending scanned wax-up data

How does it work?

A unique product that not only fits for the current workflow but most importantly also fits for a full digital workflow in the coming era of digital dentistry.

Type of constructions you can do

  • Crowns and bridge up to 6 units
  • Implant crowns and bridge up to 6 units 
  • Prep-less veneers


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