To create new innovations has always been my passion throughout my life, but to create these innovations for better mankind is my highest satisfaction and at the same time to make my profession easier is giving me better lifestyle and of course better smile to my patients. Lately, I was lucky and met right people and all them gave me the chance to develop some new products. My upcoming innovations are as follows –


  • Create a full digital flow – The goal is to manufacture dental constructions without any manpower. 
  • Create complete new prosthodontic workflow for any implant system.

It will be a system for: 

1. Single implants

2. a) Two straight implants 

    b) Two angled implants 

3. More than 3 implants

  • Universal zirconia healing abutments for renouned implant brands in the market (DeHealing Abutments).
  • Locators in zirkonia for the renouned implant brands (DeLocators).
  • Custom made zirconia healing abutments/ gingival formers.
  • Digital color taking (DeColor Body).
  • Universal implant surgery kit


  • De Guide Surgical Kit
  • Zirconia Implants, ZIRCASSO 
  • Svea Aligner, Orthodontic Treatments

Also, for educational programs, refer for more information.


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