We are using only two types of cement: 

1. Zinc Phosphate Cement

A material used for cementation of  crowns, bridges, and occasionally as a temporary restoration. It is prepared by mixing zinc oxide and magnesium oxide powders with a liquid consisting principally of phosphoric acid, water, and buffers. 

2. GC link cement

G-CEM LinkAce is a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement delivered in an automix syringe, designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, zirconia, alumina, metal or composite indirect restorations.

G-CEM LinkAce offers high polymerization in self-cure mode leading to perfect results, independently from the type of prosthetic material that is being cemented.
The phosphate monomers of G-CEM LinkAce guarantee an unsurpassed bonding durability. The high wear resistance gives peace of mind when luting CAD-CAM and metal-free restorations.



No matter what your restorative option is, you will always find a good reason to choose G-CEM LinkAce:

  • all-ceramic and zirconia inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • metal, ceramic, fibre posts and cast post and cores
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