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Study clubs with various subjects for dentists available at Svea Tandklinik. The subjects are customized for 3-4 dentists. The studies will have subject related patients. All the courses and study clubs are arranged by ZIRCOSOL AB. You can select a summary of our courses here.

  1. Svea Aligner – Diploma course

The need for Aligners is increasing among the patients with this in mind we would like to offer sufficient guidelines to all dentist through our half-day Svea Aligner course.

The course is comprehensive and helps you get your treatments started from start to finish.

  1.  De guide kit- Diploma course

In this respect, tilted and non-parallel implants are more difficult as prosthetic issues are often associated with misplacements. Live surgery.

The course is comprehensive and helps you put straight and parallel implants in a very simple way.

  1.  How to avoid implant complications. 

In-depth and detailed implant complications lecture.

Lectures divided into complications of surgery and prosthodontics. We’ll also show you how to avoid complications

  1.  Why zirconia implant. 

11 Scientific reasons for using zirconia implants. In-depth zirconia studies and completion of the course with live surgery. We’ll have a guest lecturer.

  1.  Zirconia implant surgery and prosthodontics-Diploma courses included live operation. We’ll have s guest lecturer.
  1.  Implant Surgery course.

We´ll teach you basic implantology knowledge and also how complications can be avoided including live operation. We’ll have a guest lecturer..

  1. Implants Prosthodontics -a new digital flow. All the common implant systems will be taught to you. We´ll show a new way to solve your cases both simple and complicated. We’ll have a lecturer for the guest.
  2. How to avoid complications with implant treatments. 


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